My name is Coby Tetteroo. I live in the Netherlands. I create websites for fun and profit. Mostly fun though, although I aspire to create good looking webdesign that is intuitive to use at the same time. I keep being under development in the ever changing world of webdesign. If you like my work, don't hesitate to drop me a line at the contact page.


  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Flash
  • HTML & CSS
  • Wordpress


Renan Pacson

Personal blog Renan Pacson

Personal blog for Renan Pacson.

Made with wordpress.

Renan Pacson

Shop Renan Pacson

Shop Renan Pacson.

Made with wordpress and eShop plugin.

De Tarot Lezer

Personal blog Renan Pacson

Tarot site

Made with wordpress.

Bridal Collection

Bridal collection PaxonOnline

Paxon Bridal Collection 2011.

Photoshop project.


Website design for PaxonOnline

Paxon is a start-up fashion label which asked me to create a clean looking website showcasing their very first collection.

Paxon shop

Bigcartel shop for Paxon

Being content with the result on their launching web-site, Paxon asked me to design an easy to maintain webshop to complement the website. I choose BigCartel and did some extensive customizing.

Hobby projects

Dress-up Doll

Dress-up doll based on my daughters drawings.

For an experiment in Flash, I made this dress-up doll. All the beautiful drawings were made by my 9 year old daughter. Can you find all the animations? Note: The clothes in the chest are meant for the cat.


Website showcasing my sons animations

Early experiment with embedded video, showcasing the animations made by my son.


Postcard in Illustrator


CSS Layout design Weblog


Hi, normally I am a shy little creature living under a rock. It is doubtfull that you would ever get to see me, even if you look real hard.
But if you post me a message you might get a glimpse of me smiling through the lines.